Comrie & Co

In 1873 Janet Orr, the daughter of Peter Orr, glass merchant of Helensburgh, married Alexander Comrie, the Helensburgh builder, and they lived in Fairyknowe, 28 Lomond Street.

In 1893 Janet and Alexander’s two sons established the business of Comrie Brothers & Co., aerated and mineral water manufacturers, in the grounds of Fairyknowe. The factory was a lovely-looking, purpose-built building, with the water supply obtained from the ‘celebrated Fairy Springs’ by boring down through solid rock, to a depth of 200 ft.

The factory closed down at the time of the First World War. The building then served for many years as a garage, Cameron Motors, but was unfortunately gutted by fire c.1982. To-day, the site is occupied by a block of flats known as Fruin Court.

The Comrie & Co., bottle on display in Colquhoun Square has been generously donated by archaeologist Fiona Baker, who excavated it at the Bottle Dump site at Colgrain, Helensburgh, where Waitrose is now located.