Henry Bell’s Bell

1812 PS Comet, recognised as the first commercially successful steamship in Europe, makes its maiden voyage from Helensburgh Pier.  Commissioned by Henry Bell, the Comet realises his dream of boats ‘fleeing and bizzing’ across water.

This is a replica of the famous Comet’s bell, ring it out loud and clear!

The Clapper of Bell’s Bell is quite a beautiful object itself.
It’s a bronze cast of the original clapper from PS Comet and has the feeling of an old key or antique. The intention is that the clapper will be held in a presentation box in the town centre so that it can be fitted to the bell and the bell can therefore be rung to announce special occasions,  like the start and end of civic events in the square like the Summer and Winter festivals. It’s also proposed that it’s also rung on the anniversary of the loss of PS Comet- 21st December (1820). We are exploring how it can be made available for other special occasions like weddings in the square.
Watch this space.