Wee Shoes

1851 William Lees, aged 16, becomes apprentice shoemaker. Six feet behind you, is the site of the corner shop, where he proudly works his trade. The wee shoes here, are cast from four little shoes he crafts to evidence his skill as a cobbler. His great, great, great granddaughter treasures the original wee shoes, in her home, in Helensburgh.

1893 Robert Weir Lees, (William’s son), marries Maggie Lorimer, together they run the shoemaker’s.

‘At month’s end, Maggie tallied ‘the book’ with the unpaid bills. Most were for up the hill. Maggie would march up the hill, knock on front doors, and demand the money. She would be asked to go ‘round to the side’, and she would say, “When you pay your bill, I will go round to the side”. They would be so embarrassed that they would pay up!’